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"The Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords"
(Complete English Version of 'Token Kantei Dokuhon' written by Kokan Nagayama, translated by Kenji Mishina and published byKodansha International Ltd.)

It contains 348 pages of very important information as well as about 270 elaborate pictures of jihada and hamon and so on, drawn by Kokan Nagayama himself. This is a really unprecedented sword book that has been long awaited by many people who are interested in Japanese swords.
The publisher of the book, Kodansha International Ltd.sells copies through their distributors worldwide. The price of the book is 65 US dollars per copy for the U.S. market and the price may vary slightly in other countries.

*I am glad to announce that Kodansha International has decided to make the third print and the copy will be available in autumn 2000.
Book Review from Japan Times(02/10/98)

"The Yasukuni Swords"
(Complete English Version of 'Yasukuni Tosho' written by Tom Kishida, translated by Kenji Mishina and published by Kodansha International Ltd.)

Subtitle is "Rare Weapons of Jpan 1933-1945). The 8,100 swords manufactured in the ground of the Yasukuni Shrine between 1993 and 1945 are an exceptional legacy, as artifacts that preserved not only time-honoured forging methods but the aesthetic and spiritual traditions of the samurai warrior.
(ISBN4-7700-2754-0 C0072 / 4,500 Japanese yen)

"Yasukuni-to - Tradition and Ideal Beauty"
(Published from Yuzankaku Publishing Company < Address: 2-6-9 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102 , Tel : 03-3262-3231 , Fax : 03-3288-1707 >
Writtn in Japanese , Price : 5,000 yen.)

New version of 'Yasukuni Tosho' by photo journalist Tom Kishida is due to be published from Yuzankaku Publishing Company. The new version of 116 pages includes more information and newly-discoverd documents as well as a lot more interesting photos.
English translation of the book by Kenji Mishina was published by JSSUS (Japanese Sword Society of the United States). The original and translation are available from JSSUS and The Japanese Sword Society of Great Britian.

"New Generation of Japanese Swordsmiths"
(Complete English version of 'Nihonto 21 Seiki eno Chosen' written by Tamio Tsuchiko, translated by Kenji Mishina and published by Kodansha International Ltd.)

Fine photos and explanations of recent works by the smiths introduced in the book are added to the original contents. The book presents you with a vivid and deep insight into the lives and works of twenty swordsmiths. The writer visited each swordsmith and spent a great deal of time interviewing them on the subjects of sword forging techniques, their methods and aims. Their discussions were frank and open, providing some revealing insights into the art, and some fascinating facts.
(ISBN4-7700-2854-7 C0072 / 5,800 Japanese yen)The price of the book is 5,800 yen (domestic price).

"Nihonto, Challenge of the 21th Century"
(Writtne in Japanese by sword journalist, Tamio Tsuchiko, released from Yuzankaku Shuppan Publishing Company.)

25 modern promising swordsmiths are introduced in the book as well as National Living Treasure smith, Akitsugu amada, master polisher, Kokan Nagayama and sword dealer Mitsuo Shibata.
Mr. Tsuchiko has being editting many sword books including the original book of "The Connoisseur's Book of Japanese Swords", 'Token Kantei Dokuhon' and "The beauty of Shinsaku-to".
(ISBN4-639-01501-1/ 1,900 yen plus 5 % tax per copy, 260 pages, B6 size).

"Kanzan Japanese Sword Oshigata Dictionary"

The book is compiled by Dr. Kanzan Sato and contains many oshigata of shinto and shinshinto. Romanized transliteration gives you an innovative new approach to Japanese sword dictionaries of the past !

"Kurihara Hikosaburo Akihide"
-The man who had the Japanese sword revive twice-
(Written by sword journalist, Tamio Tsuchiko. Hard cover book in Japanese, 368 pages, 26.5 x19cm. size, 1,000g)

It has about 200 pages for photos of people concerned and many oshigata of Kurihara Akihide including his students. The price is 4,500 yen plus 0.5% tax (4,725 yen) and Kenji Mishina take order on behalf of the author. Please e-mail me your address and the number of the copyalso send Tsuchiko International Postal Money Orders (7,325 yen including postage and post office commission per copy) if you want to buy it.

Order : Kenji Mishina
Payment : To Mr. Tamio Tsuchiko
     1-5-5-901 Shiohama, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0043, Japan

The copy will be shipped as soon as your payment is confirmed. It takes about two weeks for delivery in U.S. and Europe areas.(20/09/2000)

"Nihonto wo Togu"
("Polishing Japanese Sword" Published from Yuzankaku Publishing Company < Address: 2-6-9 Fujimi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102 , Tel : 03-3262-3231 , Fax : 03-3288-1707 >
Writtn in Japanese , Price : 2,200 yen.)

Autobiograhy by National Living Treasure Sword Polisher, Kokan Nagayama. He remembers of his 63 year career as sword polisher and talks about interesting experiences and Hon-ami polish in this book.

"Tetsu to Nihonto" (Iron and the Japanese Sword, Japanese)

Written by Living National Treasure swordsmith, Akigtsugu Amada and supplemented by sword journalist, Tamio Tsuchiko. This books is to be the basic research of the Japanese Sword from the view point of history and archaeology. It is true that there are many people who are interested in Japanese iron made in traditional smelter. Mr. Amada who has devoted his life to the study of the material of the Japanese Sword unveil the result and his experiences after 50 years. He speak about all of the attraction and mystery of "Wa-tetsu".
(ISBN4-87449-235-5 Published by 'Keiyusha' / 2-48 Jinbo-cho, Kanda, Chiyodea-ku, Tokyo 101-0051 / Tel : 03-3261-1361)

"Shokuninn no Shigoto"
("Works of Craftsmen" Published by Takemura Shuppan Co. Written in Japanese , ISBN4-924338-77-X , Price : 1,500 yen.)

The book introduces distinguished Japanese craftsmen of various fields including Kenji Mishina (Japanese sword polisher). Yoji Yamada (film director), Jusaburo Tsujimura (puppeteer), 12th Sotetsu Nakamura (lacquerer), Norio Kamiya (potter), Tsuyoshi Ogura (hand-drawing yuzen for kimono), Fusao Hayashi (sushi master), Ichirou Yarimizu (sake brewer), Takao Kozakai J(apanee brown noodle maker), Hiroshi Kato (katchu-shi or armouror), Keiji Hosoya (fireworks maker), 3rd Masamune Sugiyama (arrow maker), Seiji Koizumi (metal worker), Yoshi Saito (theater designer), Yasuhiro Mihara (shoe designer), etc.

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