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Shuha Hashimoto :
Hashimoto was born in Tokyo in 1949 and graduated from the Economics Department of Senshu University then apprenticed himself to Senshu Kokeguchi and started learning sword carving in 1982. He won Yushu-sho (Second Prize) at the Sword Carving Section of the Sword Forging Competition held by the NBTHK in 1987 then has won the second prizes and third prizes many times since then.. In addition, he entried the Habaki Section of the Sword Polishing Competition in 1987 and 1988. Hashimoto has given demonstrations of sword carving in many places including the Saitama Prefectural Museum, Kawagoe

< Tsume-tsuki-ken and kaen-fudomyo-o >

< Kaen-kurikara and bonji >

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< Nobori-ryu and Chinese characters 'Na Mu A Mi Da Butsu' >

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