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Hiroshi Miyajima :
Mr. Miyajima was born and lives in Tokyo. He is one of the best habaki makers and was designated as mukansa on the 11th of December 1998. His father was a master koshirae maker and left many fine koshirae. Mr. Miyajima is also a top-class metal-worker for yoroi fittings and has been engaged repair-works of National Treasure koshirae and yoroi. Meanwhile he colaborates with Kazuyuki Takayama in the restoration and reconstruction works of Shosoin Repositary that preserves the heritage of Emperor Shomu.

Kin-kise Niju-habaki Niju-habaki(Solid silver and gold-foiled)
Botan-yujo Habaki Kin-muku Niju-habakiwith ka-mon
Kin-kise Hitoe-habaki Kin-kise Yujo-habaki
Ganseki-habaki Tachi-habaki

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