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Mumei "Shizu Kaneuji"

Mei : Mumei but attributed to "Shizu Kaneuji"

Province : Mino

Age: Beginning of the Nambokucho Period

Tradition : Soshu-den

School : Masamune / Shizu

Dimensions : Ha-watari - 66.7 cm. / Sori - 1.22 cm.

Sugata . The blade is in shinogi-zukuri with iori-mune and has shallow sori, wide mi-haba and extended chu-kissaki.

Jihada : Itame-hada combined with mokume and nagare-hada in company with chikei and ji-nie as well as some ara-nie then slightly stands out on the whole.

Hamon : Gunome-midare mixed with notare, and togari-ba in thick ko-nie-deki. then sunagashi and kinsuji are seen in places.

Boshi : Gentle notare-komi then becomes yaki-tsume in the omote and turns back in ko-maru with a little yaki-kuzure in the ura.

Horimono : Bo-hi with kaki-nagashi on each side.

Nakago : O-suriage mumei and has kiri tip, kiri-yasuri and three mekugi-ana.

Remarks : It is well known that Kaneuji is one of ten students of Masamune or 'Masamune Jutetsu'. The name of Kaneuji had been succeeded up to the Muromachi Period by several generations. This katana is a work of the 1st generation who was active between the end of the Kamakura and the beginning of the Nambokucho Periods.


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