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Tachi : "Aoe Tsugunao"


Province : Bitchu

Age: Late Nambokucho Period

Tradition : Yamashiro-den / Bizen-den

School : Chu-Aoe

Dimensions : Ha-watari - 71.0 cm. / Sori - 1.79 cm.

Sugata . The blade is in shinogi-zukuri with iori-mune and has wide mi-haba, thick kasane, plenty of hira-niku and a little extended chu-kissaki.

Jihada : Dense ko-itame-hada combined with sumi-hada (dark and plain spots) then utsuri appears.

Hamon : Sugu-ha in tight nioi-deki accompanied with bright nioi-guchi then saka-ashi are seen inside the hamon.

Boshi : Gentle notare-komi the turns back in ko-maru with slightly pointed tip.

Horimono : Bo-hi and tsure-bi with kaki-toshi end on each side.

Nakago : Suriage, orikaeshi-mei and kiri tip, o-sujikai-yasuri and three mekugi-ana.

Remarks : Tsugunao is one of represntative smiths of the Chu-Aoe school as well as Sadatsugu. He is said to be a son of Yoshitsugu and has won a reputation as master tanto maker.
He is good at gorgeous saka-choji-midare too. This kind of saka-choji-midare is normally tempered on ko-wakizashi in hira-zukuri.


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