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Katana : "Taikei Naotane"

        DAIJO TAIKEI NAOTANE (monogram)"

Province : Edo

Age : Bakumatsu

Tradition : Bizen-den

School : Suishinshi

Dimensions : Ha-watari - 70.3 cm. / Sori : 1.53 cm.

Sugata : The blade is in shinogi-zukuri with iori-mune and has wide mi-haba, thick kasane, saki-zori and extended chu-kissaki.

Jihada : Dense ko-mokume-hada combined with a littl masame in company with fine ji-nie.

Hamon : Gunome-midare in tight nioi-deki accompanied with ko-nie then many ko-ashi are seen inside the hamon.

Boshi : Gentle midare-komi then turns back in ko-maru. The tip tends to be pointed.

Nakago : Ubu and has ha-agari-kuri-jiri, o-sujikai with kesho-yasuri and a mekugi-ana.

Remarks : Naotane's given name is Ninohei. He was born in Yamagata of Dewa Province in An-ei 8 then went up to Edo and was titled as Chikuzen Daijo firstly then promoted to Mino no Suke afterwards. He learned sword forging from Suishinshi Masahide and was familiar with Bizen-den and Soshu-den. Especially, his work in Bizen-den is remarkable and left many masterpieces. He died in Ansei 4 at the age of 79.


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