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Katana : "Minamoto no Masakiyo" (Kiyomaro)

              "KEIO 4 NEN 1 GATSU AGERU KORE"

Province : Edo

Age: Bakumatsu

Tradition : Soshu-den

School : Yamaura

Dimensions : Ha-watari - 75.5 cm. / Sori - 0.93 cm.

Sugata . The blade is in shinogi-zukuri with iori-mune and has wide mi-haba, a little thin kasane and little tapering sugta with o-kissaki.

Jihada : Dense itame-hada combined with running masame-hada in company with thick ji-nie and many chikei.

Hamon : Gunome-midare mixed with choji in thick nie-deki with bright and thick nioi-guchi and ara-nie then many kinsuji, inazuma and sunagashi are seen inside the hamon.

Boshi : Midare-komi then turns back in ko-maru with many hakikake, ashi and sunagashi.

Nakago : Osuriage by Nobuhide and has gently curved kuri-jiri, kiri-yasuri and a mekugi-ana.

Remarks : Kurihara Nobuhide who is a senior student of Kiyomaro shortened a long katana by his teacher after he committed suicide in 1854.
As he was nicknamed 'Yotsuya Masamune', he demonstrated distinguished skill in soshu-den and won a reputation after he died. In fact, he appears to have been strongly influence by Shizu Kaneuji rather than Masamune inferring from his extant works.
He was a genius smith but had financial troubles with his patrons and escaped from Edo to Hagi of Nagato Province. He come back to Edo several years after his exile to Hagi and asked for the helps of Kubota Sugane and his elder brother Yamaura Saneo then resumed sword forging in Yotsuya of Edo. Finally, he killed himself in 1854 at the age of 42.


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