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Katana : "Omi Daijo Tadahiro"


Province : Hizen

Age : Early Edo Period

Tradition : Shinto-tokuden

School : Tadayoshi

Dimensions : Ha-watari - 75.8 cm. / Sori - 1.52 cm.

Sugata : Wide mi-haba, a little thick kasane, shallow sori and extended chu-kissaki.

Jihada : Dense ko-itame-hada with thick ji-nie looks beautiful.

Hamon : Wide ashi-naga-choji in thick ko-nie-deki then many long ashi and yo are seen inside the hamon. It is tempered in regular width.

Boshi : Sugu then turns back in ko-maru and becomes typical Hizen-boshi.

Nakago : Ubu and has kengyo tip, kiri-yasuri and a mekugi-ana.

Remarks : His real name is Hashimoto Heishiro and changed his given name to Shinzaemon afterwards. He was born in 1614 as a son of 1st Tadayoshi. He succeeded hi father when he was 19 years old in the wake of his father's sudden death then titled as Omi Daijo in Kan-ei 18 (1640). He engaged in sword forging over 60 years and it is believed that he is a smith who left the largest number of works amongst shinto smiths. Speaking fo sword forging skill, 1st and 3rd Tadayoshi are the best smiths amongst Hizen smiths then followed by Tadahiro.
He is the second generation of the Tadayoshi school but he never used the smith name of Tadayoshi. It is said that his mother was a concubine of Tadayoshi then he refrained from using his father's smith name. There is a smith called 'Tosa no Kami Tadayoshi' and it is also said that he actually scceeded to the second generaiton of the school then Tadahiro was not allow to use the smith name of Tadayoshi.


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