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< Tsukamaki >

Yasuo Toyama :
Mr. Toyama was born in 1945 and lives in Seki City of Gifu Prefecture. He is one of the best tsuka-maki-shi (hilt binder)in Japan. He became a student of Yoshiyuki Yamada (also mukansa tsuka-maki-shi) in 1978 and was designated as mukansa by the NBTHK in 2003.

< Various Types of Tsuka-maki >

No.1 Shino-maki

No.2 Katate-maki

No.3 Kata-hineri-maki

No.4 Kawa-tsumami-maki

No.5 Gangi-maki

No.6 Naka-biku-maki

No.7 Kata-tsumami-maki

No.8 Moro-tsumami-maki

No.9 Tsumami--kozakura-wawa-maki

No.10 Jabawa_-kumiage-maki

No.11 Fuji-maki

No.12 Katate-maki with dashi-menuki

No.13 Jabara-kake-maki

No.14 Kawari-ito-maki

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