Name of company  SATO KIKI CO.,LTD.

Established  March 1, 19760

Capital  \12,000,000

Address  7-3 Shioiri-cho Mizuho-ku

Nagoya City 467

TEL 052-823-3726  FAX 052-824-4539

Our banks  Bank of Nagoya / Sakurayama Branch  Tokai Bank /

Horita Branch                          

Our business Helping you to produce your new products from manuf

acturing to selling.

President Seiichi Sato


We could help you to develop your new products.

First, we design and analyze your new planning products by

computer graphics to think of safety and quality in all


Next, we start to design molds for the products decided

to produce, in consideration of endurance, efficiency

and of course safty.

In order to make molds, we prepare master models, special

industrial tools,jigs, machines and work our nc-automatic

metalworking machines.

Our molds are for metal pressing, for resin or thermose

tting resin injection, stamping, for making prototypes,

and made of zas or aluninum.

We can produce miscellaneous plastic products and make

them comple as your merchandise.

It is possible for you to ask us to ship them anywhere

you need to do, too.

We are sure our sevices could be helpful for your business

Try our services to have a good business !!

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