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"Sweet-potato Ocarina Gasso:dan "was organized in 1996 with Tatsuo Kobayashi,ocarina/recorder player, as a leader. They use 13 kind of ocarina and play old and new, western and eastern music, formed only by ocarina. They perform around Japan and their performance is highly praised in the Japanese ocarina scene. They had their concert in 2001,2002,2003 in Osaka, and also 2002 in Tokyo.


561-0885 (Zip Code)
3-1-801 Okamachi Toyonaka-City Osaka Japan
06-6843-3393(tel,fax) Tatsuo Kobayashi(leader)
E-Mail swpotato@qa2.so-net.ne.jp



Sound Files(Sample,Live Recordings ,mp3, 44.1kHz/16bit ,2ch.stereo about 500~900KB/each)

Our performances include low frequency tones about 60 to 200Hz.
The speakers inside PC enclosure would not playback them well.
Please listen these files by stereo-headphones or external speakers.

Japanese Songs

Yuyake-koyake(In The Glory Of Sunset)/Sin Kusakawa(1893~1948)

Fuyugesiki(Winter Scenery)~Fuyuno-yoru(The Night Of Winter)
Japanese Traditional Song

Hana(The Cherry Blossom)/Rentarou Taki(1879~1903)

Oboro-zukiyo(Night Of A Hazy Moon)/Teiichi Okano(1878~1941)

World Songs

Chinese Folksong Suite/Tateki Kageyama(1935~
1)I Dreamt Of You 2)My Heart Will Fly To The Girl 3)A Refreshing "Sake"

Krasunui Sarafan(Russian Folksong)/A.I.Varlamov (1801~1848)

Grandfather's Clock/H.C.Work(1832~1884)

Amazing Grace /English Traditional Song

Deck The Halls,The First Nowel,Joy To The World/Carol

Little Drummer Boy/Carol


Tant Que Vivrai En Age Florissant/C.de Sermisy (c.1490~1562)

Amore Vittorioso/G.Gastoldi (1550~1622)

Courtly Masquing Ayres/J.Adson(15??~1640)

Christmas Pastorale/A. Corelli (1653~1713)

"Le Quattro Stagioni"La Primavera/A.Vivaldi(1678~1741)
Allegro,2)Largo e pianissimo sempre,3)Allegro

Little Fugue In G-minor/J.S.Bach(1685~1750)

"Magic Flute" Papageno's Glockenspiel/W.A.Mozart(1756~1791)

"The Marriage Of Figaro"Overture/W.A.Mozart

"Orpheus In Hell" Can Can /J.Offenbach(1819~1880)

"The Girl From Arles 2nd Suite" Farandole/G.Bizet(1838~1875)

The Flight Of The Bumble-Bee/Rimsky=Korsakov(1844~1908)

The Maiden Of Flaxen Hair/J.C.Debussy(1862~1918)