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  1. 2002/12/22  About Toward an Improved Support for ALTs
  2. Questions & Answers about our research/survey
  3. 調査に関する質問と回答(in Japanese)
  4. 2003/02/05 Useful expressions / terms for ALTs             ALTのための学校用語集(in E / in J)                  Thanks to BJ for his help in making this list
  5. 2003/02/06 Useful expressions / terms Medical field terms from childhood to adolescence 児童・青年期までの医学・社会福祉関連用語(in E ,in J)
  6. Return rate of this survey March 10th 2003     調査回収状況

              編集代表:Takahisa Yamashita & RR
This site is designed to be of use to Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) sojourning in Japan. Brought here on the JET Program, (the Japan Exchange and Teaching Program) ALTs team teach with Japanese teachers of foreign languages to enhance the communicative skills of students across the educational spectrum. Established in 1987, the Program is overseen by CLAIR in conjunction with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), the Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and has a second goal of promoting cultural exchange at the community level.

For Team Teaching (TT) to be successful, the partners must have a degree of trust and respect for each other. This is true even for teachers who are of the same nationality, but particularly so when the partners come from different countries with diverse cultural schemata and reference perspectives.

The majority of ALTs visit Japan for the first time when joining the JET Program. Naturally, it is an exciting time but the risks of cultural friction and culture shock remain palpable. Moreover, stress may be caused by a misinformed image of the discipline and motivational levels of the Japanese students that prospective ALTs will teach. That is, a polarity between the teaching situation ALTs are led to believe they will enter and the reality may lead to hightened stress levels.

If you know of an ALT who is homesick or blue and you are anxious about him/her, please inform him/her about TELL (Tokyo English Life Line). You can get the TELL's URL information from "Links for ALTs."

東京英語いのちの電話(TELL) tel:03-5774-0992
電話相談 9:00〜16:00、19:00〜23:00 年中無休、英語のみ