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Our temple is closed from Dec.20th to Jan.10th.


To: Yochiin/Seikeiin 293 Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun Wakayama, 648-0211 JAPAN

Tel: 81-736-56-2003 Fax: 81-736-56-3628



Your reservation will be completed when you receive our reply mail.
Please e-mail again when you didn't get our reply in a week.
If you can't check your e-mail, leave the phone number that we can contact you to confirm your reservation by the previous day.
Otherwise your reservation may be canceled.Thank you for your cooperation.


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closed from Dec.20th to Jan.10th

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Adlt     Children (Under age of 12)

Guided tour in English necessary (\10,000/3hours)

Please discuss the details with your guide.

Buddhist Activity SHAKYO -hand-copying of sutras (\1,000)
SHABUTSU -tracing Buddha's image (\1000)
AJIKAN -Buddhist meditation (\3000)
Particular Request for the temple
( ex. Allergy, Favor, and others if necessary )

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The price of the room is for one person. Children can expect 30% to 50% discount.
Cancellation should be declared by 17:00 on the previous day.